The Pic Saint-Loup

The Pic Saint-Loup is one of the most beautiful sites in the Languedoc, and more specifically in the garrigue region. Culminating at an altitude of 658m, this summit, well known to the inhabitants of Montpellier and the surrounding area, is a delight for hikers! From the top, it offers a breathtaking view all the way to the sea. From below, it overlooks the villages and vineyards. Whatever point of view you take, you can't help but be impressed by the eminence of such a jewel of nature, whose hiking trail starts just 20 minutes from Mas de l'Oncle.


Despite a production that has been appreciated and known for many years, the Pic Saint Loup appellation has only been officially recognised since 2016.

This unique terroir, made up of garrigues and pine forests, owes its name to the rocky peak that overlooks the vineyards. The appellation stretches from the south of the Cévennes to the north of Montpellier, and covers 5300 hectares in the Hérault and the Gard, including 17 communes. There are 1300 hectares used for vine growing.

Its natural and wild landscapes, its typical villages and its cool and windy weather make it an exceptional appellation, which produces high quality red wines recognised throughout France and far beyond.
Le pic saint loup


The Pic Saint Loup area owes its name to the famous peak that overlooks the valley. The Pic Saint Loup is one of the most beautiful sites in the Languedoc region. Much appreciated by hikers, it impresses from afar with its original shape and imposing charisma.

The Pic Saint Loup appellation area is backed by the first Cevennes foothills, where the singularity of the climate persists whatever the vintage.

This unique terroir cultivates its difference with the variation in climate (from continental to Mediterranean), but also thanks to a range of predominantly limestone soils and exceptional relief, which shape the wines by offering them a finesse and freshness that is much sought after on the Mediterranean coast.


With 1000mm of rainfall per year, Pic Saint Loup is the wettest appellation in the Languedoc region. By comparison, Burgundy, which is much further north, records 700mm of rainfall per year.

The rainfall is concentrated in the autumn and winter, so the vines do not run out of water. The summer, which is a very dry season in this part of southern France, ensures the right balance, as does the marine mistral wind which blows over the vines and dries out the atmosphere: these two elements counterbalance the heavy rainfall by protecting the vines from the diseases which tend to develop with humidity.

These climatic particularities are an asset for the Pic Saint Loup wines, which are fresh and very fruity.

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