The most beautiful hikes

Le Pic Saint Loup

Located north of Montpellier, near the Mas de l'Oncle wine estate, the Pic Saint-Loup is one of the most beautiful natural and hiking sites in the Languedoc region. From the summit, the view extends over the plain and the coastline. From the Mas de l'Oncle, at the entrance to the village of Lauret, head towards the village of Cazevieille to get to the start of the hike
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The Corniche of the Hortus

Opposite the Pic Saint Loup stands the Mont Hortus with its famous Viviourès castle. This hike offers an impressive panorama of the Pic and the Hortus plain, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop. From the Mas de l'Oncle wine estate, you will reach the starting point of this beautiful hike in 10 minutes by car.
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The Castle of Montferrand

Another hike near the Mas de l'Oncle wine estate, the tour of the Pic St Loup by the eastern side with a visit to the ruins of the Château de Montferrand, a hike located 10 minutes by car from the Mas de l'Oncle. The departure is from the village of Saint Mathieu de Tréviers.
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Le pic saint loup

Sentier des Charbonnières hike

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Hike to the crest of La Taillade and the rock of Causse

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